Packaging Design for Rapscallion

Beautiful packaging design for healthy soft drinks company Rapscallion by the super-talented Freytag Anderson.

Bespoke Lettering by David Milan

Superb work by Art Director and Lettering Artist  David Milan.

Sublime Self Motivation App Design

Love this self motivation app design by Quan Ha for Fireart Studio.

Knock Out Nuts Packaging

Superb nuts packaging concept for Robby's Nuts by Tabitha Stead.

Fitness UI Inspiration

Drop dead gorgeous UI work by Johan Adam Horn for @MakeReign.

Makeshift Magazine Cover Design

Gorgeous cover design for Makeshift Magazine: Harvest Issue.

80's Inspired Energy Drink Branding

This retro energy drink brand, Nok Energy, was developed by Candy Brophy Creative in a successful attempt to explore the energy drink category with a totally different feel to what’s on the market. 

Futuristic Honey Packaging

This futuristic honey packaging is the first work to emerge from a collaboration between HoneyGreen+ and the Valencian design studio CuldeSac Custom. 

Genius Pasta Design

Russian designer Nikita Konkin has worked various types of hair into creative pasta packaging. Hats off.

UI Design by Aqeela Valley

Jaw-dropping UI design by Aqeela Valley for Over.

Packaging Design by Ryan Ma

Truly exceptional packaging design by Ryan Ma.

Swell Cold Brew

Love the typography by @markcaneso for @swellcoldbrew.

Typography Masterclass

Photographed as we passed by in Leeds. We can't resist a bit of brush script typography action.