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Marketing Renegade is the Amazon No.1 bestselling book written by Mark Blackmore and Jamie Hutchinson. It’s currently available on Amazon and Audible.

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Meet Mark + Jamie

Jamie is a marketing guy. Mark is a sales guy. They write books and make videos that show business owners how to find more customers, make more money and join the new breed of entrepreneur.

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Episode #11

In this episode Mark explains the power of 'comparison' when it comes to pricing your product or service. If you're not familiar with a 'Wonky Tom' this is your chance to learn one of the most powerful, profitable lessons when it comes to pricing.

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Episode #10

In this episode Mark and Jamie discuss the real reason people buy things. (And no, it's not down to price.) Mark then lays out a five point process for you to 'pitch the end game' for your product or service and take your marketing to the next level.

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How to Get Glowing Customer Reviews How to Get Glowing Customer Reviews
More than ever, we need to delight and surprise our customers to get the kind of rave reviews that propel your business forward. The good news is, there are two proven ways to achieve this.
How to Convert More Sales How to Convert More Sales
As business owners, we often place a disproportionate amount of emphasis on the importance of lead generation. But 95% of marketing is about what happens after you get the sales lead.
How to Build a Website that Converts How to Build a Website that Converts
The best performing websites belong to business owners who plant themselves firmly in the shoes of their customer and ignore everybody else. Does your website answer the three key questions every customer has?

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